The 4/20 Giveaway at Next Bardo Online Head Shop!


Update!! We have 12 randomly chosen winners of the 4/20 Giveaway. Congratulations to everyone who received a gift. We hope you love the items you received and we hope you'll share some photos of them in use once they arrive. 

If you'd like to share a photo, video, or even just thoughts about your experience with the giveaway, your gifts, or anything else related to Next Bardo you can do so by leaving a shop review. Just click the link below and then click the "write a review" tab in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Here is the link:

Thanks to everyone for entering. We had a lot of participation; much more than ever before. We will be having more giveaways in the near future. Even if you didn't win this time, don't let that stop you from entering in future. Anybody can enter, but you can't win if you don't participate. 

The winners of the 4/20 Giveaway are: 

Bryan H.
Jami H.
William Y.
Dan C.
Heather C.
Shelly E.
Nicole H.
Meagan T.
Robert H.
Aiden M.
Michael L.
Trish S. 

Here are a few responses and  pics we received from the winners of the April giveaway- 

"Hello Jason 
I just received my gift package, wow you the man brother ! Thanks so much it was a very generous prize .
Thanks again" 
William Y-

"Hey Jason,
I received the raffle prize. I sent a message to the address on the web site.  Just want you all, if there’s more than you, to know I’m grateful for the prize. It’s great. Be well!"
Robert H. -

I signed up for a giveaway on next Bardo and was surprised when I got an email letting me know that I was a winner. I followed the instructions and sent in my information. After a couple days and I didn't hear anything back, I sent another email, just to make sure they got my info. After a while, I started to think it was a joke and I wouldn't see anything else from them. But to my surprise, I got an email stating some issues that went wrong and I would be getting my winnings. I received a box in the mail. When I opened the box, I realized it had some great stuff in it. I got a nice quality dab rig and a terp slurpper with soft glass marbles. Very nice products.
I was pleased with the communication from customer service and the quality of the glass pieces. This kind of service and quality of products is what will make me a customer. Thank you next Bardo for the service.
Your new customer,
Michael L-

Some pictures from Michael L.-
Giveaway Winner Submission from Michael L
Giveaway Winner Submission from Michael L.
Giveaway Winner Submission from Michel L


To celebrate 4/20 and to give back to some of the best customers in the world we will be giving away over $1420.00 worth of gear on April 20th, 2022. There will be 12 total prizes given to 12 randomly selected participants.

The top four prizes include a 16" clear beaker, a colored 10" beaker, a clear 10" beaker, and a banger hanger rig, all of which come with tons of accessories for both flower and concentrate including premium glass bowls, quartz bangers, terp pearls, terp slurp sets, ashcatchers, pokers, dab tools and various other accessories. 

The other 8 prizes will include dugouts, glass hand pipes, wood hand pipes, metal hand pipes, nectar collectors, dab straws, cases, grinders, and other assorted accessories. 

We will announce the winners through email and via this blog post on 4/20. 

To enter, you must be 21 years old or older, and you must be located in either the U.S., Canada, or Australia. Your ability to enter ends at midnight pst on 4/19/22. 

There are dozens of ways to enter via the widget below. The more actions you take the more likely your chances of winning will be! Simply click on the link and follow the instructions. All winners are chosen randomly through a third party giveaway app. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email at

After you sign up for the giveaway, take a minute and check out our 4/20 sale which will be running through April 20th, 2022. There are big savings on hundreds of products!

CLICK HERE to enter the giveaway. 


  • Gary Litzenberger

    Best online site for purveyors of the finer things in life. Customer service second to none.

  • Roger Schriner

    Great Products

  • Christopher Bird

    47 yr old USAF Veteran going thru stage 4 metastasized prostrate cancer treatment radio and chemo who could sure use some new glass :)

    peace and love

  • Christopher Bird

    47 yr old USAF Veteran going thru stage 4 metastasized prostrate cancer treatment radio and chemo who could sure use some new glass :)

    peace and love

  • Candace Wolff

    Would love this for my husband❤️

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