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There are only 11 days left before our August Giveaway! That's right, we are giving away one 50mm 9" Grav Labs Upright Bubbler at the end of the month. As of now there are 92 entries, but there is still time to enter and those odds are not bad! All you have to do is follow this link: FREE GIVEAWAY and use the entry form provided. The winner will be selected randomly. To qualify you must be 18+ years old and be prepared to prove it, should you win. 

The Grav Labs 50mm 9" Upright Bubbler is the largest of Grav Labs Upright Bubblers, built for full water pipe like function. The showered downstem and Dewars Seal provide excellent filtration and flavor. It comes with a 14mm funnel bowl, built to hold plenty of your legal herbs!!

We are thrilled to say that we will be giving away one or more free products every month. There are several easy ways to stay informed about our giveaways: (1) You can sign up for our newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of this page and entering your email address in the form provided. (2) You can follow us on social media at: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Tumbler | Google+ | Youtube. (3) You can simply visit the "Free Giveaways" page on our site located HERE. You can of course check back with the blog too as we will be announcing new giveaways and updates here monthly. 

Any support ya'll  can give to nextbardo in terms of social media likes, follows, reviews etc.. is greatly appreciated, but is not required to win. 


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