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Monday August 9th 2021 | Sunday August 15th 2021
Every 24 hours we feature a new deal. Deals are posted here in the Daily Deals Blog.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr & be the first to know about all discounts, sales, giveaways, new products & more... 

Each days deal is valid for 24 hours (12AM -12PM) at which time the deal becomes inactive and the next days deal activates.

There is no need to enter a coupon code;
everything is applied automatically at checkout.

All discounts are valid "while supplies last". 
You must be 21+ to enter or shop at nextbardo.com
All products are for legal use only

Note* If the discount is a "buy x get y free" deal, you must add all of the products to your cart. Example; If the deal is, Buy a WW16 Pipe & get one free, you must add both pipes to your cart. The discount will be applied at checkout prior to payment. If you run into any issues with a discount please email customerservice@nextbardo.com prior to completing your order. 

Detailed info for each days deal is listed here.
Links for any products included in the discounts will be
listed here as well, highlighted in Blue.

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Daily Deals | $5.00 off Pyptek Nano on Monday, August 9th 2021
Monday, August 9th 2021
$5.00 off when you purchase a Pyptek Nano

Daily Deals | 15% Off Journey2 Pipes Tuesday, August 10th 2021
Tuesday, August 10th 2021
15% off Journey2 Pipes

Daily Deals | Save 20% on Helix Beaker Water Pipes
Wednesday, August 11th 2021
20% off your purchase of a Helix Beaker

Daily Deals | Save 15% on Empire Glassworks Honeybee Chillum Thursday, Aug 12th 2021
Thursday, August 12th 2021
15% off your purchase of an Empire Glassworks Honeycomb Chillum

Daily Deals | Save 20% on RYOT Hard Krypto Kits Friday, Aug 13th 2021
Friday, August 13th 2021
20% off your purchase of an RYOT Hard-Shell Krypto-Kit

Daily Deals | RYOT Super Tasters are 10% off Saturday, Aug 14th 2021
Saturday, August 14th 2021
10% off your purchase of an RYOT Supertaster

Daily Deals | 10% off Sweetleaf Grinders Sunday, Aug 15th 2021
Sunday, August 15th 2021
10% off your purchase of a Sweetleaf Grinder

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