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The Better Brass Smoking Pipe

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    This Better Brass Pipe features the classic Proto Pipe design but is a re-thought, re-manufactured, more functional, and superior version of the original pipe. The Better Brass Pipe solves the age-old Proto Pipe issue of the tar-trap that won't budge. By boring out the trap hole and inserting an o-ring, the tar-trap is now entirely secure, but a cinch to remove for cleaning! With the Better Brass pipe, you get all the awesome features of the original Proto Pipe, but without the headaches of the old Proto flaws. The Better Brass Pipes is machined from brass and measures 3.5" long. It comes in a small carrier tin with additional replacement o-rings, a velvet pouch, sticker, and instructions. The parts of the Better Brass are made overseas. It is then hand-finished, assembled, and quality checked in America. Buy the Better Brass Smoking Pipe at Next Bardo Online Head Shop and receive free, fast, and discreet shipping with your purchase of $25.00 or more. 

    1 product
    Better Brass Pipe | Next Bardo Online Head Shop
    Better Brass Pipe | Next Bardo Online Head Shop
    The Better Brass Hand Pipe w/ Accessories (Not your father's Proto Pipe)
    $ 39.99
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