The Digger One Hitter (American Made Anodized Metal One-Hitter Pipes)

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    The Digger One Hitter is an American-made, anodized metal, digger tip, one-hitter bat that makes a perfect upgrade for any standard size dugout. Digger one Hitter Pipes are durable and ultra-portable so they work also great for an on-the-go travel pipe. The sharp teeth will tear your herb to pieces and the sharp look will have you feeling proud, I mean high, not proud, high! Free, fast, and discreet U.S. shipping from Next Bardo Online Head Shop when you spend $25.00 or more.

    1 product
    Original Digger One Hitter Anodized Bats 420-DOH-01
    Original Digger One Hitter Anodized Bat ( Large/Small )
    Digger One Hitter
    $ 9.99
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