GlassLab 303 ▪ Scientific Glass Bongs and Dab Rigs

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    GlassLab303 designs and manufacturers premium, high-quality scientific glass with an artistic aesthetic. Their specialized designs are made with only the highest quality materials and feature American color varieties, which is why their glass stands out in the world of high-end and midgrade bongs, dab rigs, and other smoking pipes and accessories. Every GlassLab303 piece is qc'd and marked with a “Colorado Certified” logo to ensure authenticity and quality for their sophisticated clientele. Their signature percolators set a new standard for a smooth, clean smoke, regardless of your choice of herb or concentrate. GlassLab303’s experienced in-house design team handpicks the raw materials and American color rods for their products. Customers who purchase Glasslab 303 products can expect creativity and artistry that is unseen anywhere else in the scientific glass industry.

    1 product
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