ProScale Precision Digital Pocket Scales

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    ProScale digital pocket scales are affordable measuring systems designed to make linear measurements with speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Buy your ProScale digital scale online at Next Bardo Head Shop and get free, fast, and, discreet U.S. shipping with your order of $25.00 or more. 

    4 products
    Digital Pocket Scale 50 X 0.01g #420-LC50
    Digital Pocket Scale 50 X 0.01g #LC50
    $ 24.99
    Pro Scale 100G Digital Scale #420-PS-LC100
    Digital Pocket Scale 100 X 0.01g #LC100
    $ 29.99
    Pro Scale #420-PS-LC300 Digital Pocket Scale
    Digital Pocket Scale 300 X 0.1g #LC300
    $ 23.99
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