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Never disappoints

As always great products, pipe is super easy to clean, so smooth absolutely love it. Nextbardo never disappoints


Very pleased

Best 9hole glass bowl replacements!!

I have been looking everywhere for these replacements for my silicone pipe for almost a year and I just happened to find your site online and when they arrived I was thrilled! I tried them and voila!! Perfect! I’ll be ordering from your site again and again. Your products are amazing!

Helix ▪ 8" Standard Multi Kit 3-Way Glass Water Pipe & Vape Straw

Great pipe!

I really like this pipe. For one thing I like the fact that it’s not painted like a lot of other metal pipes. I own a journey 2 pipe and actually like the size of it better, a smaller bowl seems to work a little better in my jeans pocket. But after using it awhile and cleaning it often, I noticed the paint starting to come off the bowl and I didn’t like that so I bought the journey 4 and have been using it lately and I like the pipe. Now if they could make one like the journey 4 with the same dimensions as the journey 2 that would be great. Easy to clean with an alcohol wipe and no paint, great!!

Great quality

Good quality glass. I love it. It's good for oily concentrate

Old School? Not really but a decent pipe in any case

This nickel-plated pipe is nice looking but feels like aluminum as it is so lightweight. My old school brass pipe had a little bit of heft to it and it felt better in the hand. My wife likes this pipe so I gave it to her. I will find a real brass pipe with a little bit more weight to it.

The Monkey Pipe Fisherman's Friend ▪ White Oak

It's delightful

Newbie to dabbing in general and this was my 2nd nectar collector, much cheaper than the first. I mean less expensive, I love this thing! I can taper my tokes to how I want at the time, nice. Gives bigger better puffs.


Just a solid all around classic.

Perfect For Dwarves

A nice pipe for its small size. Time will tell how it holds up. The replaceable stem is a good feature, but I wonder if, over time, replacing old stems with new ones multiple times will eventually bore out and enlarge the hole in the shaft, making it less snug. I guess I just volunteered for this time-motion study!


After a couple of uses when I tried to remove the cap the whole thing came apart…wrong end came off. The rubber piece popped off the end and the rubber (screen?) fell out and I couldn’t get it back in. Did get the mouth piece back on and it put the metal tube back in the correct piece and it’s’s cute and handy…it could be longer…overall quality of craftsmanship is not good.

Great service

Quality products. Will buy again

♦ Large 6" Exotic Hardwood Smoking Pipe w/ Swivel Lid (U.S.A.) #21

Monkey Pipe

I was so delighted when I found the Monkey pipe. I purchased 3 of them many years ago at random smoke shops. Have been unable to locate for many more years. I've asked at random smoke shops, also looked online, without luck. The one I have is just about used up, tried again online, kinda,in a different way...I found them!!!
I was even more delighted when they arrived...I was SO happy to see them he extra goodies were a pleasant surprise. Thank You. I haven't used the new ones yet. But, they're exactly the same as the one I love. Waiting until I can't use it anymore. I am VERY PLEASED & Delighted to have new ones for when I need them. Thank You Again!

quality item

Shipped fast and would buy again.

Great selection, service and price! Highly recommended.

Oregon trail pipe

A most practical pipe smoke smooth and $20 cheaper than the famous Monkey pipe I haven't had to clean it yet and when I do I hope I don't break the plastic

The Mill | Teak Dugout Pipe with Inlay and Dovetail Slider Lid

This 40mm clear glass carb cap is Great!!!

This thing is awesome if you have a dr dabber switch this is so much better then there bubble carb for 40 bucks i will be buying a couple more for back ups lol stuff happens... my first one came in really Will packed but had a little crack in it still works for now but they shipped me a new one with no question asked and just received it today Thanks so so much Next Bardo more companies should be like that 😀


Just what I was looking for and shipping is always quick

Great products and service!

Great products, great prices, great selection, fast service!

Monkeypipe Orange Edition

Well made special edition orange monkeypipe with excellent quality and unique color.

The Real Deal

Unfortunately, I'm old enough to have patronized head shops back in the late sixties. So when the claim is made that Next Bardo is the real deal, it's the voice of experience. Their selection is comprehensive, the shipping is fast, and the packaging is protective -- all at a competitive price point. What's not to love about that?