ūüďē Glossary of Terms | Next Bardo

Learn about the common languages, terms, and slang associated with the smoking pipes and smoking pipe accessories sold at Next Bardo Online Head Shop. Additionally, you'll find explanations and definitions of language and terms used in the legal recreational and medical marijuana industry as a whole. 


10mm Joint:
Most commonly found on dab rigs, but also used for smaller bongs. 10mm represents the size of the joint in which your bowl, slide, or nail will fit into.

14mm Joint:
Common size joint used in both bongs, and oil rigs. 14mm represents the size of the joint in which your bowl, slide, or nail will fit into.

18mm Joint: 
Most commonly used for bigger flower pieces, but can also be used for oil rigs. 18mm represents the size of the joint in which your bowl, slide, or nail will fit into.

45¬į Joint:¬†
Offers a 45 degree slant-like joint away from your glass to prevent it from heating and stress cracking. 

90¬į Joint:¬†
Offers a 90 degree perpendicular joint that sits closer to the glass body on your bong or oil rig. 


American Glass: 
Glass bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes or other accessories made 100% in the United States of America. Generally thought of as being well made, with high quality glass.

Available in all shapes and sizes to match an infinite assortment of bong types and sizes. These are glass accessories that attach to the down-stem of your bong to catch debris, and ash before they defile your rig. Ash catches can also improve filtration, percolation, and offer smoother hits. If you have a water pipe that seems harsh to inhale, an ash catcher is highly recommended


Another very common way to smoke legal herbs on the go. Glass bats and chillums are small handheld smoking pipes that allow for a one hit sensation while you’re out and about. Recommended for discreet consumption of legal herbs.

A bong (also known as a water pipe, billy, bing, or moof) is a filtration device generally used for smoking tobacco, or other herbal substances. In construction and function a bong is similar to a hookah, except smaller and especially more portable. A bong may be constructed from any air- and water-tight vessel by adding a bowl and stem apparatus (or slide) which guides air downward to below water level whence it bubbles upward during use. To get fresh air into the bong and harvest the last remaining smoke, a hole known as the "carburator", "carb",or "choke" somewhere on the lower part of the bong above water level, is first kept covered during the smoking process, then opened to allow the smoke to be drawn into the respiratory system.

Style of base found on many bongs and dab rigs. Shaped much like a beaker you might find in a scientific environment. Designed for easy use and smooth hits featuring a large water reservoir for more filtration.

Bent Neck: 
The bent neck design offers multiple advantages in function and style. This design in part operates as a splash-guard so no water splashes into your mouth.

Glass blunts are made with glass tubing. Fill it up with your dry herbs and slide the tube out as you smoke. The blunt allows the ash to fall off much like a cigarette or cigar, making it easy to empty and clean.
Branded Glass: 
Glass that represents the manufacturer or glass blowers brand. Branded glass will feature a logo directly on the rig. Can be engraved, baked on or pressed for a visual representation of the creators brand. 

Barrel Perc: 
A barrel like cylinder with slits vertically, and horizontally for optimal smoke consumption. 

A pipe that is in size and function a hybrid of a bong and hand pipe. A Bubbler uses water just like a bong, but is generally much smaller than a typical bong. As the hot smoke percolates through the pipe the water cools the smoke down and creates diffusion.


Another very common way to smoke legal herbs on the go. Glass bats and chillums are small handheld smoking pipes that allow for a one hit sensation while you’re out and about. Recommended for discreet consumption of legal herbs.

Can Chamber: 
Found on both dry herb and concentrate rigs. As the name implies, a can chamber on a bong or dab rig is shaped like a glass can. A can chamber offers filtration and smoother inhalation of your tobacco, dry herbs or concentrate material. 

Clear glass: 
Allows the user the ability to see the perc effect during usage. The glass has no colors or visual obstructions. 

Colored glass: 
Glass comes in an infinite variety of colors. Colored glass allows the manufacture or artist to create a unique look for your bong or dab rig.  

Concentrate recycler: 
Very similar to the dry herb recycler using the same multiple looping system to create a very smooth, and visually appealing inhale. Specifically designed for use with concentrates. 


Dab Rig: 
Dab Rigs are offered in all shapes and sizes.¬†Dab rigs, sometimes called ‚Äúoil rigs‚ÄĚ or "vape rigs" are¬†essentially glass bongs designed for vaporizing concentrates. Smoking from a Dab Rig requires a torch. This is due to the high temperature required to vaporize the concentrate. Note that the heat isn‚Äôt applied to the dab, but rather to a small bowl/nail or plate on which the dab (concentrate), via a special tool called a¬†"dabber", is quickly touched to it, instantly creating a¬†vapor that is inhaled.

Dual Use Recycler: 
A multiple chambered recycler that rotates filtrating smoke and water through the recycler multiple times causing it be diffused multiple times before being inhaled. Creates a aesthetic appeal to all recyclers, and one of the smoothest hits. Made for use of both dry herb, or concentrate use. 

Desktop Vaporizer: 
Designed to be used at home, using a outlet for power source. Desktop vaporizers are used through a hose, or a bag that fills with vapor and inhaled. 

Disk Perc: 
As the name specifies, offering a disk like perc that has slits throughout the disk to offer filtration and percolation. 

Dome Perc: 
Usually located on the bottom of the chamber and shaped just like a dome with slits and holes to create the ultimate percolation for smoothness.
Doughnut Perc: 
In the shape of a circular doughnut, with a hole in the middle , filtering the smoke multiple times before inhalation. 

Dewar’s Joint: 
Used primarily in reinforcement of the joint. Designed with two contact points and attached to the chamber creating a very durable rig. 

Dichroic Glass: 
Dichroic glass is glass containing multiple micro-layers of metal oxides which give the glass dichroic optical properties. By removing the dichro coating from the underlying glass in a precise manner any image can be achieved. The image is then sandwiched between two layers of glass, forming a lens that magnifies the brilliance and exquisite detail. Dichroic glass is glass containing multiple micro-layers of metal oxides which give the glass dichroic optical properties. Glass artists often refer to dichroic glass as "dichroic".

Digital vaporizer: 
This vaporizer offers a digital screen to show temperature, and speed of the use of vaporizer. Usually very straightforward, and sometimes a little easier to use than the analog vaporizer. 
Direct Inject: 
As the name specifies, the down-stem insert directly into the camber from the joint making vapor easy to inhale. 

Dry herb Recycler: 
A multiple chambered recycler that rotates filtrating smoke and water through the recycler multiple times causing it be diffused multiple times before being inhaled. Creates an aesthetic appeal and very smooth hits. Specifically made for use with dry herb. 

Dome Splash-guard: 
Dome shaped and located anywhere from the bottom to the top of your rig, designed to prevent water from being splashed into the mouth when you pull on your pipe.  

Donut splashguard: 
Designed to prevent water from entering the users mouth during inhalation. Donut splash-guards are circular with small holes in the center either located in the chamber, or on the neck of the piece. 

Dugout (swivel top): 
A Dugout with a swivel top that spins open to reveal a chamber to store your dry legal herbs, and another compartment to store a small bat style pipe, or chillum. 

Dugout (lock top): 
A Dugout with a swivel or slide top that is designed to lock closed when not in use. This process generally involves the bat or chillum sliding into an small hole on the wood-or aluminum top. 

Dugout (slider top): 
A Dugout with a top that slides open to reveal a chamber to store your dry legal herbs, and another compartment to store a small bat style pipe, or chillum. 



Fab Egg:  
Designed and blown into the shape of a fabricated egg, usually used in oil rigs, but can also be used for flower. Shaped like an egg with holes in the bottom to create a tornado like perc for very smooth vaper. 

Flared Mouthpiece: 
Offers an airtight seal to your mouth for optimal smoking enhancement and also a more interesting look... 

Fixed Downstem: 
Bongs with the downstem directly blown into the bottom with slits and holes for percolation. Perfect for easy moving, and less prone to breaking or being lost because it's all one piece. 

Fumed (Color changing glass): 
In the early 1980’s glass artists began experimenting with silver and gold fuming processes in an effort to change the characteristics of glass hand-pipes. What was discovered was that a thin layer of pure gold and/or silver applied to the inside or the surface of the pipe created a unique phenomenon once marijuana was introduced to the product. The particulate, combined with the precious metals refracted the light much like a prism, causing the pipe to change colors. Additionally, different types of herb produced different hues insuring completely unique hand-pipes based on individual usage.


Glow in the dark glass: 
As the name implies, glass that has the ability to glow in the dark. Not to be confused with UV reactive glass which only glows under a UV light. 

Gravity bong:  
A gravity bong is a method of consuming smokable substances using air pressure and sometimes water to draw smoke. Unlike normal bongs these do not filter your dry legal herbs, have a far larger chamber, and create much more dense smoke than the average bong. 


Heady Glass: 
Heady Glass is a high end, intricate style of glass usually made by experienced glass artists with visible pop culture, abstract or modern influences. Heady pieces can include special honeycombs, wig wag or detailed Millie embellishments throughout the glass.

Honeycomb perc: 
Named after its honeycomb look, the honeycomb perc offers more diffusion than the standard disc perc because of the multiple mini holes that divide the smoke even more during inhalation. 


Inline perc: 
Small circular blown perc that has small gridded slits counter adjacent to the tube itself. 

Inset perc: 
Located inside the chamber of the bong, small circular pocketed perculation to ensure smooth inhalation.
Ice catcher: 
Usually seen as small notches inside the neck of a bong to hold ice to ensure cooler inhalation when smoking.  




A unique ceramic composite invented 39 years ago by the creator of the Celebration Pipe. Used exclusively as a component of Celebration Pipes; Lavastoneware is hi tech in its heat ablating simplicity which helps dissipate heat and cool the burning bowl, resulting in a cool yet complete burn.


Male joint: 
Opposite the female joint, the male joint requires the bowl piece to slide into the female joint in order to function. Think birds and bees....

Maria rings: 
Located on the outer region of pieces, used for flare and eye appeal for different pieces. 

Smaller pocket sized pieces convenient for on the go, and discreet use. 

Smaller pocket sized pipes, or oil rigs for discreet on the go use. 


Smaller pocket sized pipes, and oil rigs for convenient use on the go. 



Usually smaller pipes, or oil rigs that contain a hole to put a string through for you to carry around your neck. Can be functioning, or non-functioning for these pieces of art works to be shown off. 

Puck chamber: 
Used solely for concentrates the puck chamber is about identical to the size of a hockey puck. Offering a very steady base for use of e-nails and heavier down stem attachments. 

Polished joint: 
This style of joint has gained popularity because of the clean look it provides as well as a major advantage!  With polished joints, many claim to be able to clean their pieces easier and be able to reclaim oils and concentrates.

Portable vaporizers: 
Designed to be used on the go, and can be plugged into cigarette lighters for charge. Much lighter and compact than the desk vaporizer, and usually for personal use. 



Very similar to the dry herb recycler using the same multiple looping system to create a very smooth, and visually appealing inhale. Specifically made for use with concentrates.

Removable Downstems:
A Downstem that is removable offering easy cleaning, and easy change out if broken. 

Removable mouthpiece: 
Allows you to remove the mouthpiece for optimal cleanliness, and customization. 

Reclaim catcher: 
An attachment used on concentrate rigs to collect excess oil from dabs to keep your piece a little cleaner. In addition to keeping your joint, and rig cleaner you can later use your reclaim. 


Showerhead perc: 
Simple perc shaped like a showerhead with slits, and holes that are placed to shoot smoke downwards. Always blown into a vertical tube, and usually very smooth inhale. 

Sandblasted glass: 
A very unique kind of engraved glass with a raised frosted visual effect. Some glass blowers only use sandblasted glass to keep their pieces unique from others.

The glass spoon hand pipe is one of the most popular ways to smoke dry herb. Usually coming in a handheld size for convenience, the glass spoon can be blown with a variety selection of colors for flare. In most glass spoons there will be a carb on the side that you will need to cover with your finger when you inhale the product.  In order to use a glass spoon you simply need to pack the bowl with tobacco or dry herbs, light with a flame, cover the carb, and inhale the dry smoke.

Sprinkler perc: 
Usually aligned in a circular formation with holes pointing, every which way for smoke to diffuse. 

Stereo "matrix" perc: 
The Stereo perc, also known as a matrix perc, is a gridded series of slits in a matrix style design. The slits usually run completely around the perc and allow for 360 degree diffusion through the water.

Slyme glass: 
A very unique type of glass that comes in a variety of colors such as yellow, green, purple, pink, blue, and orange. Offers a transparent effect that gives a special and vivid look to your collection. 

Straight tube: 
A classic style of bong; the straight tube pipe offers a vertical inhalation from base to mouthpiece.  Straight tube’s are generally made of either glass, wood or silicone. Designed to promote a single cylinder, and a removable down stem for easy cleaning, and change out. 

Scientific glass:
A specific type of borosilicate glass piece that has a unique design and specifications. The glass used to make it is strong and thick, leading to many obvious benefits. It is more durable, has a higher softening point for greater heat resistance, and stress fractures are extremely rare.


Tree perc: 
This very popular style of perc offers a tree like percolation with multiple branches that reach down into the water while the smoke is diffused through the many arms. The more branches the tree perc has, the more smooth the diffusion will be. 

Turbine perc: 
Aesthetically pleasing the turbine perc pulls smoke through the slits of the disc into a cyclone fashion. The cyclone twists into an upward motion creating a visual performance while cooling down the smoke. 

Themed glass: 
A very unique type of glass that has a certain theme to each piece. Dedicated to being hand blown, and custom for every piece these offer varying themes. Themed glass often comes in the form of animals, characters etc....

Thick glass:  
Thick glass pieces are less likely to break due to their heavy glass construction.


UFO perc: 
Using a circular disk with slits on the outer part of the disks. Smoke passes through these slits to create diffusion and filtration

Unmarked glass: 
A completely clean bong, pipe, or concentrate rigs that some people prefer. Allows you to visually see the entire percolation and diffusion your piece offers. 


Vape pen: 
Ideal for on the go use, and in the shape of a traditional style pen. Used for more discreet, portable convenience.