The Puffco Peak, Puffco Peak Pro & Puffco Peak Accessories


Released in 2018, the Puffco Peak is a portable electronic vaporizer that was developed for concentrate connoisseurs who want to avoid the commonly messy and time-consuming act of dabbing on a conventional glass rig. Simply put, if a vaporizer and a dab rig had a baby it would look alot like the Puffco Peak. The Peak replaces the tedious and somewhat complicated task of firing up a torch and waiting for a banger nail to heat up. The Peak instead offers the user a simple, single button operation. The user controls the entire sesh with a button placed on the base of the Peak which is used to control the power and temperature settings, making the dabbing process very simple and straightforward. 

The Peak uses innovative technology called "intelligent temperature calibration" and "haptic feedback." which automatically adjusts the heat and timing to provide the user a perfect hit. There is also an LED light band that provides the user with heat cycle and battery level information. Simply put, there is little to no learning curve with the Peak. You need no torch or nail, and just about any legal age adult can use and share it without the frustration that is often found with a traditional dab rig. 

The main components of the Puffco Peak consist of its base, a glass chamber attachment for water filtration, an atomizer, an atomizer cover, a ceramic bowl, and a carb cap. Also included with the Peak are a loading tool, cleaning swabs, a carrying case, tether, and an additional ceramic bowl. (A flower bowl can be purchased separately along with hundreds of attachments from Puffco, misc. glass artists and manufacturers). 

The borosilicate glass attachment is filled with water to filter the byproduct of the concentrate, leaving the consumer with a clean hit to inhale. Utilizing LED light and vibration, it notifies you when it's heated up and ready to use.

The Puffco Peak also offers the user a popular feature that folks who don't like to smoke alone will love. The "sesh mode" feature increases the temperature and extends the functionality by 15 seconds which allows user and their company to take multiple hits or to pass it around a group of friends.


The Puffco Peak Pro was released in 2020. It features the same general design as the original Puffco Peak, but it comes with some long-waited and impressive upgrades. Because the design of the Peak Pro is so similar to the original Peak I won't cover every aspect of the rig. I will simply go over the changes and upgrades found on the Pro model. 

1. The App - There are a lot of great features in the new app, such as the ability to set dozens of custom temperature settings including custom colors! It also has a live readout of the current temperature as well as how many sessions you have completed during the day.

2. Temp Settings and Flexibility - 

The Puffco Peak Pro has four built-in temperature settings:

  • Blue is low at 492 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Green is medium at 510 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Red is high at 530 Fahrenheit
  • White is “Peak” at 545 degrees Fahrenheit

These temperatures span a large range, but as I said above, the Peak Pro app also allows you to customize each one of these settings to the temperatures of your choice!

3. The Finish and build quality - The new matte finish of the Peak Pro has made Puffco Peak users very happy. The shiny plastic of the original was replaced by the much more sleek-looking matte black base. The glass is more tapered and slightly longer which enables it to hold more water than the original and helps to prevent splashback, so no more yucky water in your mouth. A huge positive is that the glass attachment on the original Puffco Peak will also fit on the Peak Pro and vice versa, so if you own an expensive, heady glass attachment it will not have to go to the vape graveyard as the attachments are interchangable. 

4. The Atomizer - The atomizer has been significantly improved. What was a three-part atomizer has been simplified to one solid piece that features a carb cap which is fixed to the top of the atomizer, allowing for a more secure chamber. With the 40% larger atomizer, the Peak Pro can handle large dabs without breaking a sweat (larger loads were sometimes an issue with the classic model). 

5. Battery Life - The Peak Pro will last approx. 30 sessions before needing to be recharged. There were some complaints about the micro-usb charging on the classic Peak, but Puffco addressed them when designing the Peak Pro. The Peak Pro offers more efficient USB-C charging. Note that for an additional $100 or so you can pick up the Puffco  Peak Pro charging dock which the Peak Pro can be placed on to charge much like the new iPhone technology. 

6. Overall Vapor Quality - The Puffco Peak Pro provides the user with the same top-tier vapor you are accustomed to from the original Puffco Peak, but with added tech features that offer more control and enhance the overall experience.

One bonus feature that customers love is the free travel case that comes with your Puffco Peak Pro. The magnetic case has no need for zippers or straps, snapping closed with ease and holding all the dab tools you’ll need for maintenance on your device. 


I could write multiple pages of instructions for the Peak and Peak Pro, but as luck has it I was able to gain access to pdf manuals for both rigs. For detailed information regarding the operation, cleaning, maintenance, etc. of the Peak and Peak Pro simply click the links below to view their respective instruction manuals. 



There are probably thousands of accessories available for the Puffco Peak and Puffco Peak Pro. As mentioned above, Puffco sells a flower bowl attachment if you're looking to vape dry herbs. There are also several carb caps, travel bags, etc. The vast majority of the accessories sold online are the glass water chamber attachments. There are tons of them that range from boring old clear glass to heady, handblown glass with hours of detailed glasswork. We carry a few attachments at our store, and will be adding many more in the near future. 

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