Puffco Proxy Information & Instruction Manual


At first glance you may think that the Puffco Proxy is a glass sherlock style hand pipe, but make no mistake, the Puffco Proxy is a new portable vaporizer designed and manufactured by Puffco. If you're familiar with the Puffco Peak then you know that Puffco is responsible for one of the most popular vaporizers on earth, and for good reason; because they make amazing products, and the Puffco Proxy is no exception. 

The Proxy Vaporizer has three main parts. The base, the 3D chamber, and the glass pipe. 

The Base:  The base of the Proxy contains the internal battery, the RGB lighting, the control button, the vapor path and the USB-C port. It is made with rubberized silicone. The base is the Proxy's power source and frankly, along with the 3D chamber, it is THE VAPORIZER itself. If you have the base and chamber, and you have an object that will fit the base then you have yourself a vaporizer. This is really the best feature of Puffco's products. Just look at the Puffco Peak; there are hundreds and maybe thousands of glass chambers that are interchangeable with both the original and Peak Pro rigs. There are already several attachments for the Proxy including a bubbler attachment and a travel pipe attachment. It's exciting to think about some of the heady attachments that will likely be designed by skilled glass artists. 

The 3D chamber: The 3D chamber inserts into the Proxy base. It is made with alloy and features a ceramic interior. It comes with a silicone carb cap jacket and a glass insert. The 3D chamber features heating elements on its bottom and on its sides which adjust heating patterns throughout the session to optimize the vaporization of the wax, live resin or oil that is being vaporized. 

The Glass Pipe: The glass pipe is made with borosilicate glass. It is lightweight, durable, and medical grade. It feels good in the hand and has a sleek look to it as well. 

Puffco Proxy Vapor Quality: Users have been shocked with how smooth the vapor from the Puffco Proxy is. Standard E-Rigs can be harsh and unpleasant. The Proxy provides users with a more low key and mellow vapor that has an even greater flavor. 


There a several attachments and accessories made for the Proxy by Puffco. There is a glass bubbler attachment to add water filtration to the Proxy, and a newly released silicone "Travel Pipe" accessory hat is designed to make the already portable vaporizer even more travel friendly. 

The Proxy Bub: The Puffco Proxy "Bub" enables water functionality for the Proxy, acting as a percolated water filtration system it delivers smoother and cooler vapor to the user when it's in use. The Bub is crafted from hand-blown, quality boro glass. The Proxy Bub offers the user larger and smoother water- filtered hits than the original glass pipe attachment that comes with the Proxy. 

The Proxy Travel Pipe Attachment: The Proxy Travel Pipe attachment is designed to complete the Proxy experience. The travel pipe is made with shatter-proof silicone, making it extra durable and perfect for an on-the-go vape enthuthiast. The Proxy Travel Pipe also includes a built-in storage for your concentrate and any accessories you would need for a sesh on the run. With the Travel Pipe attachment you can take the Puffco Proxy anywhere without the stress and worry associated with breaking your piece. This travel is available in multiple colors at Next BArdo Online Head Shop. 

The Proxy Flower Bowl: The Proxy flower bowl provides the flexibility to utilize any Proxy glass piece / accessory for flower. It securely attaches with a quick plug-in airtight seal. It’s a small simple piece that means you never have to carry a dedicated flower pipe. **An important detail about the flower bowl attachment. The flower bowl combusts your flower. It does not vaporize it. 

For more specific instructions and specs on the Puffco Proxy you can view the Puffco Proxy Instruction manual as a pdf and/or watch Puffco's video about the Proxy by clicking the links below. 

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