Puffco Water Pipes & Accessories

This page contains detailed product information and instructions for various Puffco brand water pipes such as the Cupsy, and Budsy. You'll also find info on Puffco brand flower and dab accessories such as the popular Hot Knife. As we continue to add Puffco products to the store we will add any relevant information here for products that are NOT the Puffco Peak, Puffco Peak Pro, and Puffco Proxy. Information and instruction manuals for those products is available at the top of the Puffco collection page. CLICK HERE to return to the main Puffco collection page. 


The Puffco Cupsy is a water pipe in disguise. It looks like any other coffee cup, but if you look a little closer you'll see that it is much more than that. The Cupsy's revolutionary design pairs an everyday object with a high performance cannabis bubbler. The Puffco Cupsy has a ceramic flower bowl that keeps the taste of your herbs pure, but is easily stored inside a hidden storage compartment when it is not in use.  

This highly portable water pipe is designed for optimal water filtration providing the user with large, smooth, great tasting hits! The Cupsy is made with bpa-free plastic and stainless steel which provides a noticeable cooling effect to the smoke. The Cupsy features a heat-resistant silicone sleeve witch keeps the pipe cool to the touch. It has a ceramic flower bowl that can be hidden/stored inside the pipe and is held in with a small built-in tab which makes removing and installing the bowl a quick and easy operation. 

The Cupsy's innovative design includes a leak-resistant bent mouthpiece which helps prevent any splashback. The percolator on the Cupsy features a multitude of slits which provides the user optimal filtration. 

Using the Cupsy is easy as can be! 

1. Remove the lid from the top of the pipe
2. Add water to the chamber 
3. Put the lid back on, flip the mouthpiece open and load your herb into the bowl.
4. Light it up and get on wit yo bad self!  

CLICK HERE To view a video detailing the Puffco Cupsy's main features.  

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