Grav Labs 45 Degree 19mm 5.5" Phoenix Ashcatcher

Grav Labs

Grav Labs 45 Degree 19mm 5.5" Phoenix Ashcatcher

Product Description

Featuring a  removable showerhead downstem , the Grav Labs 19mm 45 Degree Angled Joint Phoenix ashcatcher is going to pleasurify your smoking experience. Measuring approx 5.5" in height, this ashcatcher is designed to be both light weight and durable, so your water pipe will not tip over, but you can rest assured that the piece will last a long time if properly cared for. Simply attach the ashcatcher to any 19mm female rig and enjoy a clean and seamless smoking experience. Each piece comes complete with a removable top, so you can add ice, diffuser beads etc. for a an extra filter and cooler smoke. 


  • Clear scientific glass
  • 45 degree angled joint
  • Measures approx 5.5" in height
  • Funnel bowl
  • Male Joint
  • Ice Chamber
  • Designed by Grav Labs in Austin, Texas
  • Free shipping on domestic orders over $20.00

About Ashcatchers

Keep your water pipe clean with our selection of Ashcatchers. Functioning just as you would expect; an ashcatcher attaches to the joint of your water pipe and catches your ash and debris keeping your water pipe clean. There are many different styles and designs to choose from that feature different angles and percolators.. 

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