6" Sculpted Wooden Smoking Pipe w/ Swivel Lid #WW22 (U.S.A.)

Wood Works

6" Sculpted Wooden Smoking Pipe w/ Swivel Lid #WW22 (U.S.A.)

Product Description

This American made, handcrafted wooden smoking pipe is a beauty! Measuring in at 6", these beautiful wooden pipes are hand crafted and made from choice exotic and domestic hardwoods. These pipes feature a cool little add-on, there is a small hole with a screen built into the swivel lid that allows you smoke with the lid closed and also prevents spills, these wooden pipes are portable, beautiful, affordable and built to last.

Please note that the wood species vary with these pipes, so while the style remains exactly as you see it in the product image, the colors and grains may look different... Not to worry, every pipe is a beauty!


  • Measures approx 6" in length
  • Lid swivels over bowl to guard against spilled tobacco
  • Small hole with screen built into lid that allows you to smoke with the lid closed
  • Portable
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in America!
  • Bowl measures approx .5" in dia
  • A hex key and .750 screens are included with each pipe
  • Wood species vary. Color and/or grain may be different from that in the product image. 
  • Free shipping on domestic orders over $20.00

Wood Works American Made Wooden Smoking Pipes

Handcrafted in the USA and made from the finest Hardwoods, Wood Works pipes are a top quality product; beautiful, functional and affordable. For the price you will not find a better quality wooden smoking pipe anywhere on the market.  

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