9" Clear 14mm Incycler Rig w/ Dome

Torched Glass Studios

9" Clear 14mm Incycler Rig w/ Dome From Torched Glass Studio

Product Description

This 14mm  Incycler Dab Rig from Torched Glass Studios is a bent neck bubbler that features an Internal Recycler Perc. This amazing little rig doesn't actually bubble your water but circulates it while cooling the vapor making for an extremely smooth smoking experience. The small fixed stem design makes this rig convenient to use and travel with. 


  • Clear Glass
  • American made
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • Glass 14mm Female Dome and Nail
  • Incycler design
  • Stands approx 9" High

    More about water pipes

    Designed to filter and diffuse smoke, water pipes often use a percolator system "perc" with difusers to ensure a smooth, clean hit. There are endless designs to choose from on the market today featuring options such as; flared mouthpieces, structured percs, ice catchers, straight tubes, beaker base and that does not even get into dab, oil or concentrate rigs!! Commonly referred to as bongs, glass water pipes are a standard and time tested way of smoking legal herb, oil or concentrate. CLICK HERE top view our entire inventory of Water Pipes. 

    About Torched Glass Studios

    Torched Art Glass Studio and Sacred Expressions Gallery are sister glass companies that have become the leaders of the functional glass industry in West Michigan.

    The two shops have been working together to employ over a dozen local glassblowers, allowing for the highest level of quality and art. Using innovation and technique, these shops utilize lapidary work, sandblasting, electroforming and sculpting to set themselves apart.

    See for yourself what sets American Glass apart from import. Buy American !


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