Quartz Banger Nail 14mm 90 Degree Female (Thermal Style)


Quartz Banger Nail 14mm 90 Degree Female (Thermal Style)

Product Description

A great accessory to add to your purchase of any of the glass rigs on the site. The quartz banger’s bowed glass tube will transfer high heat from the torch away from your rig, preventing heat stress on the joint that could lead to untimely cracking, thus extending the life of your rig.

This thermal banger nail features an inset design meaning there is almost zero chance of any concentrates being sucked into the joint if using a carb cap. That means you end up with less of a mess and more importantly, no waste! 


  • Quartz Thermal Style Banger Nail Female 14mm
  • Fits 14mm male Joint
  • Free shipping on domestic orders over $20.00

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