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Bell Bottom Banger, Terp Pearls & Vortex Carb Cap Set (Assorted Sizes)

Next Bardo


$ 31.99

Product Description:

Why are Bell Bottom Bangers the shiz? The “bell bottom” or tapered out bottom allows for more surface area to heat up and rise throughout the banger, basically letting it retain heat longer. This also allows your pearls to have more room to spin, and typically they can spin better in the pocket of the bell shape. This popular banger set includes a Bell Bottom Quartz Banger nail, two 5mm clear quartz terp pearls, and a cyclone riptide spinner carb cap.  


  • Bell Bottom Quartz Banger
  • Cyclone Riptide carb cap included
  • 2 X 5mm clear quartz terp pearls
  • Available in male or female
  • Available in 90 or 45-degree angle
  • Available with 10mm. 14mm or 18mm joint
  • Clear glass joint
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