8" Soft Glass Water Pipe w/ Banger Hanger & Creature Accent

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8" Soft Glass Water Pipe w/ Banger Hanger & Creature Accent | Next Bardo Online Head Shop
8" Soft Glass Water Pipe w/ Banger Hanger & Creature Accent | Next Bardo Online Head Shop

8" Soft Glass Water Pipe w/ Banger Hanger & Creature Accent

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Product Description & Features:

This soft glass water pipe incorporates frit glass into its design giving it a gorgeous marble look.  This bong stands approximately 8" tall and features a glass accent (a creature. A Frog I believe.) on the base and three Maria rings on the neck. It has a 14mm female Banger Hanger joint with a fixed glass downstem. This bong has a wrap-around mouthpiece, meaning the hole is smaller than it would be with a more modern Borosilicate bong design. The slightly smaller hole can create better suction for the user. This water pipe also has a slightly angled neck which makes it more ergonomic when you're smoking. A green, glass bubble bowl is included with your order. 

**The colors on these pipes may vary slightly as you can see in the product image. While very similar, each is hand-blown, making it a unique one-of-a-kind piece. 

What's soft glass and how is it different than Boro? 

Soft glass is created by using long blow tubes to gather glass from a large furnace, which is then blown out and sculpted into the desired shape. 

Borosilicate glass is crafted with a torch, working the glass in and out of the powerful flame to sculpt it. 

Notice that soft glass is referred to as "blown" while Borosilicate glass is referred to as "worked".  It's not the fundamental rule, but I tend to think of "blown glass" as soft glass as opposed to Boro which I think of as "worked". The temperature at which each is sculpted/worked/blown and the process of manufacturing/creating the piece are the more prominent differences between the two in that regard. 

Is soft glass better than Boro? Is Boro better than soft glass? The answer to both of your questions is no.

Soft glass is/was the classic glass used for water pipes going way back. If you are an age-challenged stoner then you probably smoked your shake and Maui Wowwie out of soft glass for many years before you ever saw a Boro glass bong.. The most obvious esthetic difference that you'll notice is the vibrant colors in soft glass. The colors found in soft glass have a stunning vibrancy that is difficult to recreate in borosilicate glass pieces. 10 points for soft glass!!! However, soft glass has a reputation for being much more sensitive to temperature change and/or breakage. Soft glass may break easier than Boro. 10 points for Boro!! Soft glass is cheaper to make, so many of the soft glass pipes you'll find are going to cost less than a Boro glass bong. That is not always true, as it depends on the work that is put into the rig, for example, a simple Boro clear glass beaker vs a detailed, soft glass art piece is going to cost less than the soft glass, but generally, soft glass is cheaper both as a material and a finished piece. 

Get to the point, man!!! Okay, what I'm saying is that it is all a matter of opinion. If you want a bong that is pretty and reminds you of those crazy younger years then you should definitely look at soft glass water pipes. If you need something less fragile and don't care about the uniqueness or esthetic then you may want to lean toward Boro. Either way, you get to be stoned, right!?!? It's a win/win!

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk! 💚

  • Measures approx. 8" tall
  • Weighs approx. 8.1oz
  • Fixed glass downstem
  • Fixed 14mm female Banger Hanger joint
  • Frit glass marble look
  • Triple Maria rings on a slightly angled neck
  • Wrap-around mouthpiece
  • Protruding glass creature (I think it's a Frog)
  • Soft glass
  • A Green, 14mm, male bubble bowl is included with your order. 

*** PLEASE READ: If you would prefer a quartz banger nail instead of the standard flower bowl that comes with this pipe, please leave a note at checkout and we would be happy to replace the bowl with the appropriate quartz banger at no additional charge. 

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