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The Original Budbomb Metal "Helix" Dry Herb Smoking Pipe (Black, Gold, & Silver)


Silver Budbomb Pipe

$ 49.99

Product Description:

Created in the United Kingdom in 1993, the Budbomb pipe is a sleek, portable, easy-to-clean metal smoking pipe like no other. The Budbomb is designed to offer the user cleaner and cooler smoke than other metal pipes. The Original Budbomb is outstanding both in quality and appearance, it has a built-in cooling system. Smoke is drawn around the inner coil which cools the smoke allowing you to take a bigger hit. The Original Budbomb delivers the full taste and flavor of your essential smoking herbs. The Budbomb can be disassembled into 4 pieces making it very easy to clean. The Budbomb is available in Black, Gold, or Silver anodized finish.

** We only sell the real Budbomb pipes at Next Bardo Online Head Shop. Beware of knock-offs online. 


  • Portable and discreet
  • Revolutionary interior cooling helix design
  • Measures approx. 4" long
  • Comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Available in Black, Gold or Silver
  • Made in the UK
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