Onies 2.85" Wide Base Locktop Dugout


Onies 2.85" Wide Base Locktop Dugout (Made in the USA)

Product Description

Onies Dugouts are each handcrafted from quality hardwoods in the USA. Finish is made from food grade mineral oils and waxes. Onies dugouts feature an exposed cigarette style bat that doubles as a locking mechanism for the slide top. To unlock use your thumb to pull the bat down slightly then slide the lid open. Onies Dugouts also offer more storage than regular wood dugouts.


  • Measures approx 2.85" Tall 
  • Measures 1.3" Wide
  • Quality Hardwoods
  • Hand Finished
  • Locking slide top
  • Bat pipe included
  • Made in the USA

About Onies

Unique and American made! Based out of Springfield, MO Onies uses ALL NATURAL FOOD GRADE MINERAL OILS AND WAXES to condition their American sourced hardwoods. Onies dugouts are hand finished and polished until they shine like the sun!

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