The Original Proto Pipe Deluxe - Made in the USA

Proto Pipe

The Original Proto Pipe Deluxe - Made in the USA

A true classic in the smoking realm! Renowned for its innovative design, The Proto Pipe is hand machined from solid brass and features a swivel lid to keep your tobacco secure as well as a tamper and removable tar trap for easy cleaning. There are a lot of Proto Pipe knock-offs on the market! Purchase your Proto Pipe from Next Bardo and be sure you are getting the real thing!

The Proto Pipe is Made in the USA and Built to last a lifetime!

*The Proto Pipe has become difficult to acquire over the past few years. Supplies are limited. If we are out of stock, please feel free to contact us and we will make a note to contact you as soon as they come in. First come first served. 

Functions of the Proto Pipe:

The handy poker is the most important part of the Proto Pipe. It can be used to stir the bowl and to clean the permanent screen. When assembled, the poker interlocks and holds all the parts together. If the friction fit poker of the Proto Pipe becomes to loose or tight, bend the tab with pliers at the end of the container to adjust tension.

Convenient 5 bowl POD (tobacco container) of the Proto Pipe is also used to tamp the tobacco.

The swivel bowl cover can be used as a handle, or closed tight to snuff out fire and protect the content of the bowl.

The Tar trap that gets accumulated in the Proto Pipe can be removed by pushing through the center hold with the poker. If for some reason tar trap is hardened, then heat the bottom of the pipe to soften the tar before going through the removal process.

To clean the stem (after and only after cleaning the Tar Trap) break of a paper match and with the help of the poker, push it in the stem.

(Traditional pipe cleaners, Q-Tips with alcohol or food grade acetone can also be used to remove Tar from the Proto Pipe)