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Exotic Hardwood & Hand-Blown Glass 4.5" Hybrid Smoking Pipe #H3

The Mill


$ 43.99

Product description:

These #H3 hand-crafted smoking Pipes from The Mill are made from exotic hardwoods and hand-blown glass. The replaceable glass bowls trap most of the residues and make for an easy clean-up. Sleek, portable, functional, and beautiful; these pipes are made and hand-finished in America! A very unique, top-quality smoking pipe. 

Please read:

There are numerous species of wood used to make this pipe. The same pipe may come to Next Bardo in as many as 12 different species of wood. That being the case it is nearly impossible to offer this pipe in any exact species or combination of species of woods. If you have a preference for a "darker" or "lighter" finish please leave a note in the text box labeled "Notes" on this page. We will do our very best to accommodate any requests. 


  • Measures approx. 4.5" long
  • Handcrafted from premium exotic and domestic hardwoods
  • American made hand blown glass bowl
  • Made entirely in America
  • Wood and glass colors vary (see note in description) 
  • Hybrid Pipe
  • Unique design
  • Free shipping for domestic orders over $25.00
  • Free Priority shipping for domestic orders over $50.00

The Mill:

Based out of New York, The Mill has been manufacturing American Made exotic wood hand pipes and dugouts for four decades. You would be hard-pressed to find a higher quality Dugout or wooden smoking pipe on the market. Next Bardo Online Head Shop offers a very large selection of Mill pipes to choose from including hybrid glass and wood, open-bowl, swivel lid hand pipes, Dugouts, Rainbow/Diamond wood pipes, and more. 

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