Chameleon Glass - 12 Inch Typhoon Classic Dual Use Bong/Dab Rig

Chameleon Glass

Chameleon Glass 12" Typhoon Classic Dual Use Rig

Product Description

The Typhoon Water Pipe is a new version of the cyclone filtering series pipes from Chameleon Glass. Measuring 12" tall, this piece features the water filtration, air cooling, swirling vortex smoke shows of our Typhoon Series. This rig comes with both a clear funnel bowl and domeless quartz nail so you can get busy with your dry herb or concentrates! It also features a the low profile, diffused downstem.  Take your smoke to a whole new level with one of these 12″ tall  beauties.


  • Measures Approx 12" in height
  • Dual use for dabs or dry herb
  • Low pro diffused downstem
  • Quartz domeless nail
  • Fumed Bowl
  • Round Base
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Vortex design for a cool smoke
  • Made in America!
  • Free shipping on domestic orders over $20.00


Designed to filter and diffuse smoke, water pipes often use a percolator system "perc" with difusers to ensure a smooth, clean hit. There are endless designs to choose from on the market today featuring options such as; flared mouthpieces, structured percs, ice catchers, straight tubes, beaker base and that does not even get into dab, oil or concentrate rigs!! Commonly referred to as bongs, glass water pipes are a standard and time tested way of smoking legal herb, oil or concentrate. CLICK HERE top view our entire inventory of Water Pipes. 

About Chameleon Glass

Chameleon Glass has been creating American made glass bongs, dabs rigs, glass hand pipes and more for over 20 years. Using only quality borosilicate glass, all of the pieces made by Chameleon Glass are hand worked and unique, so you get a one of a kind glass pipe every time...  CLICK HERE to see our entire selection from Chameleon Glass. 

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